PC3 — Sprint Review 1

PC3 is due Monday, 2/17 at noon.

Sprint reviews are important as they serve as a way to review your work, both for yourself and your team.

You will work with your group to create a slide deck that consists of a presentation no longer than ten minutes.


Your sprint review should serve as a discussion of the work done in the past two weeks, any challenges encountered, and the plan for the next two weeks. Adittionally, there should be a demo of your project in some way or form. You should review your architecture in this presentation if there have been any major changes.


You can use this template slide deck as a starting point. You don't have to follow it exactly. Feel free to explain your project however you think is best.


Based on your sprint review, you will receive feedback from the instructors and IAs. This will include suggestions for the future and ways to handle challenges. This sprint review does not have to be given by all members of your team--one oft-forgotten challenge is time management. With more time than the previous presentations, you should be able to incorporate mroe team members if desired, but having all, or even most, of your team presenting is not required, nor recommended.

Unlike the previous presentations, there will be more time for questions from both peers and the instructional staff. The idea behind opening the floor to questions is to help clear up any confusing parts of the project and make you think of solutions or alternatives to some of your design challenges, not quiz your ability to respond quickly. That said, being able to handle questions on the spot is an important skill that you will have the opportunity to develop.

Remember, the sprint review is designed to be a review of the work you have done in the previous 2 weeks. A substantial part of this hinges on that work actually being done. Instead of having code deliverables every few weeks, this is our way of checking up on your progress and making sure you are moving along at a satisfactorial rate and your grade will reflect this. We will be expecting a demo that showcases much of this work.


Previous groups have used Google Slides to produce slide decks. You are welcome to do so, so long as you turn in a PDF version of the slides.

Your presentation can be structured in any way as long as we can see the work you have done. Remember, we cannot grade something we don't see, so if you don't include some of the work you have done in the past two weeks, it will not be factored into your grade. If you do not have a full demo, including visuals of a UI or demoing snippets of your project is substantially better than showing us nothing.

Due to the scope of the class, it is impossible for the course staff to have full coverage on all topics that you may working with, such as specific backend servers and APIs. That being said, the course staff is willing to help you find the resources you need to complete the project. This is an ecnouragement to come to office hours early so we have time to find you resources that will help if you do run into problems and need help.

What To Turn In For PC3

You will turn in a single teamX.zip file consisting of a single PDF file:

Grading Rubric

PC3 Grading (out of 15 points):