PC0 — Group Formation

PC0 is due Wednesday, 1/22 at 5PM eastern.

You will work with groups of no fewer than 5 and no more than 8 members during the semester. You are expected to report the UniqNames of all your group members once you decide on members (or have them decided for you).

Wednesday, 1/22 is the deadline for group formation. If you have not formed a group yourself, you will be assigned one.

This assignment on its own is worth 1% of your grade; it is primarily for course administration.


You should talk with your classmates to find out each other's project interests and expertise. There is no best way to do this. If you have a group of friends, great! However, you must have at least 5 members in your team (and no more than 8).


You can use the Piazza page to help find other team members if you're unsure of who to work with.


All modern software engineering and research positions require working in groups. You multiply impact and sanity check your work by having a group. In this course, you will work with other students enrolled in the class on a semester-long project.

You can consider forming a group based on this approximate template:

Also note that project effort may be "bursty" during the semester: previous students have reported the frontend development consuming time later in the semester. Plan your time accordingly.


Sometimes, working with others does not mean you need to work with someone who has the same expertise as you. Diversify---for instance, you might want at least one member who is familiar with backend server development, and another who is good at frontend development.

What To Turn In For PC0

You will turn in a single team.zip file containing a single file, team.txt. Within team.txt, place the UniqName (e.g., kjleach) of each team member on a separate line in any order. Like this:


Note that our submission server requires .zip files for everything, so please put your team.txt file in a zip before submitting.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 1% of your grade, all or nothing. You must turn it in to complete the course, however. You must turn it in even if you are assigned a group.

Only one member of each team needs to submit this assignment. All team members get credit for one submission.