HW1: Static Content and Styling

For this assignment, you will demonstate that your web environment is up and running. Then you will create a resume and style the page in two different ways.

HW2: Dynamic Content and Styling

For this assignment, you will dynamically respond to user input to create DOM nodes using JavaScript.

HW3: The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

You will watch a talk given by Douglas Crockford on properties of a language that should come after JavaScript.

HW4: Student-Grades Interface

You will now combine your knowledge of front-end and back-end programming to build an interface to a student records database.


For the rest of the semester you are going to propose, design, and construct a database driven web application that provides a significant user interface based on HTML/CSS/JavaScript that uses a MySQL database. As part of this project, you will be expected to integrate third-party libraries not used in class. Your project may not be based on an example provided in the text books.

Assignment Submission

You will submit your assignments online for grading. Click here to be taken to the submission page.