Homework Assignments

There are six main homework assignments:

Please see each individual assignment for submission instructions.

Due dates are listed on the lectures page.

Advice From Former Students

Read what former students say about the first homework assignments.

Programmatic Submission

This course uses the autograder.io interface for the automatic submission and grading of the programmatic components of assignments. This includes test cases, programs, software and the like — basicaslly everything that is not prose text. In general, submission is very similar to EECS 280 or EECS 490.

For autograder assignments, your highest submission grade will be used (even if you later submit a lower-scoring one). There are six submissions per day for each assignment.

This courses uses the >Gradescope interface for the submission and grading of textual components of assignments. This includes prose reports and similar documents. You must use Gradescope's partner selection feature to indicate any partnership.